DentaPort ZX

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DentaPort ZX II - For perfect endodontics

Unique module system that includes apex locator and handpieces for canal preparation as well as optional handpiece for light-curing functions. Several automatic control functions ensure safe and comfortable treatment.

  • High-Precision - by the ratio of 2 different frequencies
  • Up gradeable - you can start only with the Root ZX module, which can be upgraded to the canal enlargement functions 
  • Several automatic control functions 
  • Programmable

Measuring accuracy and results are determined by means of the quotient method. Impedances of two frequencies are measured. Dentaport ZX offers 11 torque levels and 8 speed ranges, up to 800 rpm, as well as 4 different safety functions.

DentaPort Root ZX, Apex Locator
Successor of Root ZX, the repeatedly by Reality and Dental Advisor awarded apex locator. Base module for the DentaPort system: as its own it functions as apex locator. It measures root canals in both wet or dry canal conditions with class leading accuracy. In combination with the Tri Auto ZX module it is essential during root canal preparation, also in combination with the LED handpiece.

Accurate measurement
The DentaPort Root ZX operates according the Morita patented "Quotient method" principle, i. e. calculating the canal impedances by the ratio of two different frequences (400 Hz and 8 kHz). The accuracy of the measurement is not affected by blood, sodium hypochlorite, water, local anaesthetic and even pulp.

Automatic calibration
The automatic calibration ensures accuracy and eliminates the effect of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. inside the canal, even during the treatment.

Adjustable working length
The working length bar can be easily changed

Clear LCD Display
The coloured LCD display is easy to read, providing both precision and high contrast. The action of the meter in the display corresponds exactly to the tactile sensation of using the file.

DentaPort Tri Auto ZX Module
Additional module for rotary canal preparation. It can be easily docked to the base module DentaPort Root ZX. While showing the file position on the display and using 5 automatic control functions, the handpiece allows preparing root canals with accuracy and precision up to any desired point inside the canal - and minimizes file jamming and breakage. Additional an audible signal provides a sound-based indentification of the file's position in the canal.

8 speed options
Depending on the type of the file 8 different speeds can be adjusted: 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600 or 800 rpm.

3 fully programmable settings
There are 3 individually programmable memory modes for the different types of files.

LED Handpiece for Polymerisation
New supplement module. The LED handpiece is a powerful curing light which delivers high intensity light of 1,000 mW/cm2. A unique parallel light beam ensures uniform light activation to the depth of the canal. That means DentaPort ZX now can be also used for final adhesive treatments, i. e. bonding of fiber posts or core build ups. A multi joint handpiece connection enables simple exchange of the handpieces for either rotary preparation or light curing.

Powerful, parallel light beam
Even at a distance of 10 mm from the curing interface the LED curing light retains 80 % of its power intensity. Also the distal side of molar 7 can be easily reached, in contrast to most other curing lights.

With its ergonomic, compact, easy-to-use design, Dentaport ZX offers the perfect balance between effi ciency and pleasant handling. Even during complicated, difficult and long treatment sessions, Dentaport ZX nestles comfortably between your thumb and pointer finger.

Compact, light handpiece
The handpiece features complete ergonomic design with ideal ancles for maximum balance and access to the oral cavity.
- weight: only 70 g
- compact head size: 12.5 mm for easy handling

Foot switch
When canal measurement is not possible or required a manual operation of the files is preferred. The optional foot switch enables the operator to use DentaPort ZX as they would a standard micromotor. The foot switch is especially useful for preparing the coronal third of the canal. Starting and Stopping of the files is activated by operating the foot switch.

Top Priority: Patient Safety, 5 Different Safety Functions

  • Automatic Start/Stopp Function. The motor starts automatically when the file is inserted and stops when it is withdrawn.
  • Automatic Torque Reverse Function. The file stops and reverses if the torque exceeds the set torque. 11 torque levels can be adjusted.
  • Auto Apical Reverse Function. The file stops and reverses when it reaches the end of the set working length thus avoiding over instrumentation and apex perforation.
  • Auto Apical Slow Down Function. The file slows down as it approaches the end of the set working length, sensuring safe and sure preparation in the critical apical area.
  • Auto Torque Slow Down Function. The file slows down as the torque approaches the set torque limit, minimizing file jamming and breakage.

DentaPort Root ZX module – used for root canal measurement
Current supply: 3 x DC 1.5 V AA Battery 0.2 VA
Display: LCD color display 
Dimensions (mm): W 105 x D 105 x H 115
Weight: 370 g

Dentaport Tri Auto ZX module – used for root canal preparation
Current supply: Metal-hydride DC 9.6 V, 20 VA 
Motor: 0–800 rpm 
Dimensions (mm): W 105 x D 127 x H 115
Weight: 430 g 
Handpiece: weighs only 70 g

LED Handpiece for Polymerisation 
head diameter: 15.5 mm
- head height: 16.0 mm
- weight approx. 60 g