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Use your computer's web browser to view and edit.


この画像情報をWEBブラウザ経由で観察可能にするシステムが、「i-Dixel WEB」です。
※ 「i-Dixel WEB」は、画像診断ワークステーション i-Dixel のオプション機能です。

Both 2D and 3D imagery are becoming indispensible tools not only for diagnosis and treatment planning but also for explanations and care guidance for the patient.  i-Dixel WEB is a system that can make this information available on the device you happen to have on hand. From Macs to PCs to tablets, i-Dixel WEB can access the image data on the server through you computer's web browser without having to install any software whatsoever. Use the device that works best for you and leverage the powerful features of i-Dixel right in your web browser.  * i-Dixel WEB is an option for image diagnostic work stations.


Can be used with multiple PCs and tablet computers in the clinic
i-Dixel WEB provides you freedom of choice and allows you to leverage the features of i-Dixel within the web browser. From professional grade workstations, Apple Macbooks, to tablet computers, you can access, modify and measure data and ave it back safely to your server. Even on basic tablet computers, image rendering is smooth and images are crisp and clear making it an ideal solution for both diagnosis and patient counseling.

Easy to maintain
Since image are viewed and modified in your web browser without having to install any software on the computer, updates can be completed by simply updating the single i-Dixel WEB server. Updates are then immediately available throughout the entire clinic reducing downtime and ensuring every office, surgery and tablet has the most recent features instantly.

Multiple 2D images can be arranged as you like, and you can move, rotate or reverse them smoothly.  You can also use a sharpness filter, make length and angle measurements and add annotations.  Intra oral, panorama and other 2D digital images can be viewed in a variety of ways.


Compare Images                          Many kinds of image enhancement



Compare Images
Two or more images can be arranged from left to right or top to bottom for easy comparison.  Zoom and movement can be synchronized across images.


Many kinds of image enhancement
Easily controlled image enhancement such as AIE (Auto Image Enhancement), AIE-HD etc. can be used to enhance images for easier diagnosis.


3Dボリュームレンダリング画像やCTスライス画像などの観察を、PCやタブレット端末で行うことが可能です。向きや断面位置の調整、距離や角度の計測、輝度などの調整もi-Dixel WEB上で完了するので、撮影から診断、精査までスムーズに行えます。

Many types of 3D imaging such as volume rendered images, CT slices etc. can be easily viewed on a PC or tablet computer.  i-Dixel WEB can also be used to adjust the angle and position of slice planes, make length and angle measurements, adjust brightness and much more.  i-Dixel WEB offers smooth transitions from from exposure to examination to diagnosis.


Volume Rendering                                                 CurvedMPR Imaging


Volume Rendering
Display both the 3D volume rendered image along with CT slice images.  Rotate, move, and enlarge images as well as adjust brightness, measure lengths and angles. Best for viewing dental arch and anatomical structures.


Mark points along the dental arch to produce slices perpendicular to the arch.  Also adjust image brightness and perform length measurements.

Client System Requirements for i-Dixel Web (i-Dixel Web ver. 2.7.0, ver. 2.7.1 & ver. 2.7.2)

i-Dixel Web can be used with browsers for Windows, Mac and tablet computers. 

Please follow links below for the Client System Requirements to access i-Dixel WEB for each computer:


Windows Computer: Access i-Dixel Web with Windows Computer


Mac Computer: Access i-Dixel Web with Mac Computer


Tablet Computer: Access i-Dixel Web with Tablet Computer