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Cordless micromotor with a built-in apex locator

Apical Patency by Rotary Instrumentation, Now Possible with Rotary Files as Small as #10


A Motor for Apical Patency, Glide Path, and Shaping

Tri Auto ZX2 is a compact, cordless motor with a built-in apex locator. It can be used for obtaining apical patency and creating a glide path using rotary instrumentation. Rotary files even as Small as #10 may be used for these procedures. Responsive, the handpiece allows subtle and delicate manipulation of the file, corresponding to the movements of an experienced dentist's hand. Tri Auto ZX2 also offers a safe and efficient method for canal shaping.

Clinical images are provided by Dr. Yoshi Terauchi / Dr. Toshihiro Ushikubo / Dr. Tai Gega

Apical Patency and Glide Path Using a Motor
OGP Function (Optimum Glide Path)

Using #20 or smaller files, the motor can be used to achieveapical patency and create a glide path. It reproduces the subtleand delicate finger movements of an experienced dentist.Even curved or constricted canals can be treated faster andmore safely. Both NiTi files sized #20 or smaller, or stainlesssteel files sized #15 or smaller may be used.



Safer and Efficient Canal Shaping
OTR Function (Optimum Torque Reverse)

Depending on the load on the file, the motor alternatesbetween forward and reverse rotation with great sensitivityto prevent jamming and file breakage. It is also superior in itsability to follow the shape of even curved canals to reduceledges and perforation. Tri Auto ZX2 is compatible withstandard NiTi files - no need to purchase specialty files.


Canal Shaping Procedure      
File Tip Position Monitored
in Real Time

File Tip Position Monitored in Real Time

File location and canal length are monitored in real time. Even if the working length is altered by shaping,
the display accurately shows the file position with respect to the working length.


Apical Control

Observe the File Tip Position with the Apex Locator Function


Automatic Stop Safety Function

The Tri Auto ZX2 motor is linked with the canal measurement function. Thisfeature makes endodontic treatment safer and more efficient. The position of thefile tip inside the canal is shown in the display, and the motor stops or reversesrotation as soon as the file reaches the end of the working length to preventperforation. Also the auto start and stop function automatically starts the motorwhen the file is inserted into the canal and stops it when it is removed.



OAS (Optimum Apical Stop) Function

When the file reaches the end of the working length, it reverses slightly. This reduces the possibility of file jamming and separation.




Precise Manual Canal Measurement

Canals can also be measured manually. A file holder is provided. The ratio of the impedances of two differentfrequencies is calculated so that the location of the apex is determined with great accuracy regardless of whether thecanal is wet or dry. The file tip location is clearly shown in an easy to read meter display. The combination of tactilefeedback and the meter reading makes it easy to determine the location of the file tip. A beeping sound also acts as aguide to its location.



Name:   Tri Auto ZX2   Handpiece    
Model:   TR-ZX2   Free Running Operation    
Manufacturer:   J. MORITA MFG. CORP.   Speed:   100 ±20 – 1000 ±100 rpm
        Torque:   4 Ncm or more
Functions:   Root Canal Measurement   Battery:   Lithium-ion battery (DC 3.7 V)
    OGP (Optimum Glide Path)   Weight:   Approx. 140 g (including battery
    OTR (Optimum Torque Reverse)       and contra angle)
    OAS (Optimum Apical Stop)  
    Auto Start / Stop   Battery Charger  
    Auto Torque Reverse   Rated Input Voltage:   DC 5 V
    Auto Apical Reverse / Stop   Rated Input Current:   2.4 A
    Auto Apical Slow Down   Weight:   Approx. 280 g (AC adapter not
    Auto Apical Torque Down  
    Auto Torque Slow Down  
        AC Adapter

Accessories:   Tester, Spray Nozzle   Rated Input Voltage:   AC100 - 240 V
        Rated Input Frequency:   47 - 63 Hz
Options:   LS Spray, Handpiece Holder,   Rated Input Current:   0.4 A
    External File Electrode (with cap)        


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