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Cordless Endodontic Treatment Handpiece

The cordless Tri Auto ZX is the only endodontic handpiece with a built-in apex locator, providing the capability and convenience to electronically monitor the root canal before, during and after instrumentation. With the combined technology and accuracy of the Root ZX apex locator, the Tri Auto ZX can significantly increase accuracy and safety. The Tri Auto ZX also offers greater control and flexibility with the adjustable torque settings. The choice of automatic or manual mode operations provide versatility. The three automatic functions include: Auto Start/Stop, Auto Apical Reverse and Auto Torque Reverse.




  • Handpiece will automatically shut off after three minutes of non-use
  • Monitor position of file while cleaning and shaping
  • LED control panel on handpiece for easy viewing
  • Cordless for maximum flexibility
  • (3) automatic functions
  • Extremely safe


  • Operates as a low speed handpiece to make flares and prepare the upper portion of the canal
  • Shapes and cleans root canals while monitoring the files position inside the canal
  • Measures the length of the root canal using the apex locator

“I haven't picked up a hand file in years since the Tri Auto ZX can also serve as a canal locator. The advantage of having an endo file secured in a handpiece means no dropped files which works wonders when a rubber dam isn't possible.”

--Dr. Bill Choby
10 years & 650 root canals performed with Tri Auto ZX

"Have had this unit for a number of years and love it."

--Dr. Dennis Dahl

Unit includes a handpiece, contra head, charger, battery, probe cord, (3) file holders, (5) contrary electrodes, function tester and AR oil.

Product Numbers

24-5316227 Tri Auto ZX
24-5316300 Tri Auto ZX with extra Contra Head

Replacement Parts

24-7503770 Contra Head

Handpiece Only (no battery or contra head)
24-7503781 Charger
24-7503735 File Electrode
24-7503740 Battery
24-7503720 Function Tester
24-7503710 Probe Cord
24-7503800 AR Oil (60ml)
24-107042 File Holders (5)
24-8447047 Long File Folder
24-107043 Contrary Electrodes (lip clips-5)
24-531050 Tri Auto ZX Sleeves (500)
24-7504000 Tri Auto ZX Plastic Block

Tri Auto ZX II Maintenance Information

Please contact J. Morita USA for full Instructions For Use at 877-JMORITA (566-7482).