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TwinPower Turbine High Torque

Morita's most powerful handpiece

Morita’s NEW TwinPower Turbine high torque handpiece is equipped with the power to tackle nearly any clinical situation. Its double-impeller rotor fuels its constant torque and speed and reduces preparation time. With a head diameter of 12 mm and a height of just 13.2 mm, visibility is excellent and users have noted the head size is relatively small especially compared to other high torque models on the market.

Worldwide, the high torque model is a best-seller due to its solid performance and reliability. For large preparations, or simply more power, this model is an exceptional choice.


TwinPower high torque


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  • Morita's most powerful handpiece 
  • Double-impeller technology
  • Zero drawback in the air line for excellent contamination control
  • Directly compatible with: TwinPower Morita, KaVo® MULTIflex® LUX, Sirona® R/F, W&H® Roto Quick, and NSK® FlexiQuick Coupling 
  • Head diameter: 12 mm / Head height: 13.2 mm
  • Safe, rapid braking within 2 seconds
  • Lightweight: 48-57g 
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Ceramic coated surface
  • Glass rod optics, 25,000 LUX
  • Push button chuck
  • 2-year warranty
  • Limited time, 30-day money back guarantee (call for details)

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TwinPower Turbine Overview Page.




TwinPower High Torque Specifications
Name TwinPower Turbine® High Torque
Rotation Speed (rpm) 370,000 ± 30,000
Power (watts) 25
Air/water spray nozzles 3
Head diameter (mm) 12
Head height (mm) 13.2
Weight (g) 48-57
Driving air pressure 0.2-0.29 Mpa / 29-42 psi

Handpiece, Lubricant Spray Nozzle, Chuck Grip Tester, Spray Hole Wire, Screwdriver and Cap Tool. 


Product Numbers

TwinPower High Torque Handpieces

TwinPower Turbine 4H PAR-4HX-O
(TwinPower Morita)

TwinPower Turbine 4H PAR-4HX-O-KV
(KaVo® MULTIflex® LUX*)
16-5901154 TwinPower Turbine 4H PAR-4HX-O-SR
(Sirona® R/F* )
16-5901146 TwinPower Turbine 4H PAR-4HX-O-WH 
(W&H® Roto Quick* )
16-5901138 TwinPower Turbine 4H PAR-4HX-O-NK 
(NSK® FlexiQuick** )



AR Spray


*KaVo MULTIflex LUX is a registered trademark of Kaltenbach & Voight GmbH. Sirona is a registered trademark of Sirona Dental Systems GmbH. W&H and Roto Quick are registered trademarks of W&H Dental Bürmoos GmbH. 

**NSK and Phatelus are registered trademarks of NAKANISHI INC. Name of coupling varies by country.


For regular maintenance and lubrication, it is highly recommended that AR Spray, by J. Morita, be used for TwinPower handpieces. Other lubricants could cause TwinPower to malfunction, make it difficult to connect/disconnect, or adversely affect braking time. Refer to the instructions for use for more details on how to properly care for TwinPower using AR Spray.


Maintenance Guide

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