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Patient Support and Delivery System

The NEW Spaceline EMCIA combines esthetic excellence, ergonomic refinement and comprehensive cross contamination management to ensure a comfortable treatment for both dentist and patient. Handpieces are positioned on the back of the chair below the headrest, so that the clinician can pick them up with a natural and consistent movement without bending the elbow. Other easy access features include soft-touch switches located on both the backrest and tray, which help decrease unnecessary movements and body contortion. The chair's thin design enables the clinician to work closer in proximity to the operating field and ensures nothing interferes with the clinician's stable posture and natural movements. Additional unique features include warm air and warm water and a low chair height setting (approx. 18"), Cuspidor, Piezo Electric Scaler and many other options are available.



  • Three-way syringe options include warm air and warm water.
  • Automatic positioning features four settings.
  • Chair height can be set to a very low position (approx. 18").
  • Operating light, similar to natural sunlight, offers a wide field of illumination.
  • Soft-touch switches located on backrest and tray for easy access.
  • Concealed tubing and wires permit easy cleaning.
  • Retraction mechanism offers smooth, effortless handling.
  • Reduced weight handpieces lessen strain on fingertips.
  • Water and air connectors can be switched to assistant side; drain can be added.
  • Instruments, like scalers, can be easily added by attaching modular circuit board to mother board.
  • Numerous optional features include Piezo Electric Scaler, cuspidor, auto cup filler with light sensor, saliva ejector and three-way syringe.
  • SSV drive system gives chair soft start and stop.
  • Soft, semi-bucket seat is cushioned to perfectly fit the human body for maximum comfort.
  • Natural movement headrest features curved shape for comfort, without pressing on ears
  • Headrest designed to match the natural movement of the neck for a comfortable shift in head position.
  • Safety switches for seat and backrest; will not move when handpiece is in use.
  • Delivery system available in nine colors.

Patient comfort is always a priority, but what about YOUR comfort and well being? What if you could have both?

Now you can with Spaceline Delivery Systems. Designed entirely around the principle of reducing operator stress, Spaceline Systems help clinicians maintain a balanced posture throughout the day.

Studies have shown up to 75% of dental professionals suffer from musculoskeletal disorders from the practice of dentistry. Body contortion, repetitive unnecessary movements, ineffective interaction with assistants and poorly designed equipment all contribute to these disorders.

Spaceline Delivery Systems were designed to reduce stress and pain. The first Spaceline System was developed in 1964. It was the world's first horizontal position treatment system which allowed patients to recline comfortably and dentists to remain seated during treatment; it has since been adopted by thousands of dentists worldwide.

Based on the principal of human centered design, Spaceline permits exceptional access to the operating field, while allowing the clinician to maintain a balanced posture throughout the day. This design helps reduce back, neck, shoulder, arm and hand ailments, plus effortless access to instruments fosters both health and productivity in daily practice.

Spaceline Delivery Systems are also comfortable for patients. The chair surface is tailored to the human anatomy to ensure a comfortable, stable position for both clinician and patient.

Available in Nine Colors



  • Easy access features help reduce operator fatigue
  • System design helps lessen back, neck, shoulder, arm and hand ailments
  • Promotes smoothly coordinated treatment between clinician and assistant
  • Safety switches prevent accidents
  • Numerous options allow clinician to tailor individual needs




Product Number
Spaceline EMCIA         30-5901766

System includes:Vacuum Syringe (handpiece detachable), Vacuum Syringe w/tank, AT-AR Clean System, 4 Position Auto Chair Positioning, Foot Controller, Plastic Foot Cover, Sterapore M, Midwest 4 Hole Tubing w/Light for 2 high speed circuits (no handpiece), TR-91 Motor w/Light (no contra or straightattachment), WS-12 3-Way Syringe x 2, Headrest, Cuspidor w/Manual Cup Filler, Air/Water Quick Disconnect for Dr. Side, Chair Mounted Type Operating Light, Shoulder Mounted Tray, Junction Box, Saliva Ejector, Retract Mirror, Operating Stool Type OSX-1N x 2

*System may be customized based on individual preferences.